January 12, 2020

Sorry. I’m an AV.

In my last post, Dr Surya Singh from the Robotics lab at the University of Queensland explained how AVs will use movement as a way of testing if the world matches their internal model.
January 9, 2020

How will autonomous vehicles communicate with other road users – 5G, DSRC, or something else…

In the last post, I raised the potential stalemate problem of four autonomous vehicles turning up to a 4-way-stop at the same time. Other tricky problems include when AVs interact with pedestrians or manual cars.
January 5, 2020

What the Daleks can teach us about autonomous vehicles

In the classic Dr Who episode, Destiny of the Daleks, The Doctor learns that the Dalek and Movellan armadas have been facing off in a stalemate for over two centuries. The extreme intelligence  behind their battle computers have been calculating the best strategy and precise moment at which to attack.
January 3, 2020

Deadly dappled sunlight – Watch a Tesla almost crash in a tunnel because of shadows

I recently attended an NTC consultation session on the regulation of safety for automated vehicles. They have identified that the parties with a major influence on the in-service safety of automated vehicles include the vehicle manufactures, repairers, “fall-back ready users” and remote drivers.
December 30, 2019

Graphically representing complex parking signs

I recently posted an example of a particularly complex parking sign, and encouraged people to try to determine if you were allowed to park to the right at 1:00pm on non-event days.  
April 22, 2018

Planning for major change in the ITS industry

The world of transport and transport management is on the cusp of dramatic change. The rate of this change, the exact effects, the period over which the change will take place, and the costs of the change are unknown and cannot be known at this stage. The only variable which […]
January 29, 2018


Now is an exciting time to be working in transport. It’s even more exciting for those of us who are involved in the intelligent transport industry. Last year, I visited Europe and the USA as part of a delegation from Roads Australia. The innovations I got to see personally from […]