Welcome to Transmax Transmax is a full-service Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) solutions provider that develops, deploys and supports the international award-winning ITS Platform STREAMS. With over 40 years’ experience developing, implementing and managing ITS, we help our customers realise the community benefits of optimising transport networks by providing smarter, more sustainable ITS solutions.
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STREAMS in Australia
1,955 intersections under management
48,500+ STREAMS connected devices

Cost Savings

for road authorities

Road authorities achieve significant savings through integrated systems

Increased revenue

for business

How improving road efficiency helps increase revenue

Safer roads

for communities

Innovative technology delivers benefits to millions of Australians


benefits everyone

Leading ITS solutions for government, business and the community

STREAMS Optimise road network performance with an integrated ITS Platform
Intelligent Transport Systems

Schematic mapping

  • Stylised display of your transport network
  • User-friendly, interactive interface
  • View real-time traffic management information information for all features and devices

Economic benefits estimated at $2m per day

Greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 11%

Accidents reduced by 30% on the motorway

Travel time reduced by 42% during peak

Travel time reduced by 48% in CityLink

An increase greater than 50% in sustainable peak flows

Reduction in operating and training costs

Users can manage road networks holistically

Benefits of intelligent transport systems


Community satisfaction through reduced stress, financial savings, increased comfort and improved availability and quality of information on road networks.


Smart ITS solutions on motorways and arterial roads reduce accident rates, improve emergency response times and help clear incidents faster.


An integrated ITS increases productivity by implementing innovative solutions to increase the capacity of existing infrastructure.


Delivering efficiencies in travel time and travel certainty for motorists through the implementation of real-time traveller information.


ITS solutions ease traffic congestion, improve traffic throughput and reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions significantly.

Reduced costs

By utilising existing infrastructure, improving traffic congestion and reducing accidents, intelligent transport systems can reduce operational costs significantly.


A full-service ITS solutions provider Helping road agencies deliver community benefits to millions of Australians


Knowledgeable experts available for a wide range of consulting services.

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An experienced team to provide efficient support for all STREAMS installations.

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Training packages designed to help customers optimise their use of STREAMS.

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