Field Processors

The STREAMS Field Processor (FP) is a ruggedized computer designed for use in a suitable roadside enclosure. The FP is designed as part of the STREAMS system to provide local processing and control of field devices - it is not sold as a stand-alone device. The standard FP is a DIN rail-mounted model. Specific housing needs (e.g. rack mounted) are available.

The FP architecture uses a service-device driver model and supports multiple services connecting to multiple, different devices, including those from different manufacturers. Field Processor to server communications over an IP-based field network uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for security.

Secure logon facilities are provided through certificate-based technology. Software maintenance and upgrades are generally carried out over the field network to which the FP is connected. The FP configuration is kept on the server so units can be replaced without performing site-specific configuration.


Local processing power at the site of field devices allows:
  • a high level of autonomy in the field
  • reduced load on the wide area network (WAN)
  • removes the real time dependency on communications between STREAMS and ITS devices.
Other benefits include:
  • From the FP, all communications are secured by PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) using SSL with certificate-based authentication, providing increased security both for the field devices and for the ITS Applications Servers
  • Use of Linux on the FP keeps licensing costs to a minimum and gives developers a high degree of control over the application
  • Local scripting capability.

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    FP Midi 10

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