1.1 Introduction

This Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) process is for the repair of faults and defects of field processors or ramp signal controllers that have been sold by Transmax to the Customer.

Faults and defects within the warranty period of the equipment will be assessed and repaired based on the purchasing term and conditions provided in the Transmax Terms and Conditions of Supply of Goods document on the Transmax web site.

Faults and defects outside the warranty period are chargeable. A financial arrangement or Support Contract with Transmax must be in place before any repairs to a device will be started.

1.2 Contact

All requests for the repair of goods MUST in the first instance, be requested via the Transmax Technical Support group via phone – call 1300 773 540.

The Transmax Technical Support group will assist the Customer and provide an RMA number. The RMA number must be used for all communication with Transmax regarding the returns and repair process.

1.3 Repair Timeframes

Transmax aims to repair and return equipment within seven (7) business days from receipt of goods, with the exception of equipment that is required to be returned to the manufacturer for repair.

If the equipment is returned to the manufacturer, Transmax allows a maximum time of 30 days for the repair. Transmax aims to return the unit to the customer as soon as possible. If the repair is deemed urgent, please advise Transmax when the issue is first reported. Transmax recommends customers retain a number of spare units for urgent use.

Repair type Time Notes
Transmax 7 days For all repairs that can be completed by Transmax
Manufacturer 30 days Where repairs require specialised equipment held by the equipment manufacturer. If the device that has been returned to the manufacturer for repair cannot be returned within the specified timeframe then Transmax may, at its discretion, supply an equivalent device suitable for the purpose.
Emergency ASAP Transmax recommends that the customer holds spare equipment for Emergencies. Please call Transmax if equipment needs to be returned more quickly than the time specified above.

1.4 Equipment Configuration

Following any repairs, Transmax will return the equipment with its original configuration unless otherwise instructed. Embedded software will be updated to the current production version used by the Customer.

1.5 Diagnosis

The majority of equipment malfunctions can be diagnosed in-situ, some faults can be rectified by accessing the device in-situ. Transmax recommends that the customer contacts Technical Support to diagnose abnormal equipment operation whilst the equipment is still in-situ.

1.6 Process

Transmax records the specific issue details in its RMA system and requests appropriate information to enable an efficient diagnosis, repair, replacement and return of customers’ equipment.

This information should be provided to Transmax by the Customer during the initial phone contact with the Technical Support group. It can also be provided by completion of the Return Merchandise Authorisation form.

Customers must follow the process below for product support and returns.

  1. Customers must contact Transmax Technical Support on 1300 773 540.
  2. Customers should provide their contact details as well as a detailed description of the problem being experienced to Transmax Technical Support.
  3. Customers should specify if they are making a warranty claim. Warranty claims will require further details including: equipment serial number, invoice number and date of purchase.
  4. Transmax Technical Support will assess and if possible diagnose the fault/defect. It is Transmax’s preference that this diagnosis is undertaken while the unit is still on-site so that the fault can be diagnosed inclusive of all environmental factors. If a fault/defect is identified that can be resolved online, then Transmax will fix the issue and if successful close the incident and advise the customer accordingly.
  5. If the fault/defect is unable to be resolved in-situ, Transmax will provide the customer with an RMA number for the equipment to be returned to Transmax.
  6. Customers should return the equipment to Transmax with the provided RMA number clearly noted on the packaging. The customer agrees to insure the product and assume the risk of loss or damage during transit and to use the original packaging or equivalent.
  7. The RMA form below should be completed and returned to Transmax via email or printed and included in the packaging with the unit.
  8. Transmax will advise the customer of any repair costs and seek approval to proceed prior to repairing the equipment.
  9. If the equipment is out of warranty and cannot be repaired, the customer must decide whether to purchase new equipment, have Transmax dispose of the equipment or request the equipment be returned to the Customer unrepaired.
  10. Repaired or replaced products are warranted for ninety (90) days from the date of repair or replacement, or for the remainder of the original product's warranty period, whichever is longer.
  11. Freight costs are charged to the customer unless the product is under warranty.
  12. The customer is invoiced (unless under warranty) through their Technical Support account, unless an alternative arrangement has been made between Transmax and the customer.

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