Transmax Services

Transmax Services

Helping customers optimise their use of STREAMS

Helping customers optimise their use of STREAMS

The evolution of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) over the last decade has seen the emergence of fully integrated solutions, designed to manage entire road networks. Successful deployment of a modern ITS solution requires diverse expertise to help achieve a great outcome that delivers continuing operational benefits and stakeholder value.

As the developer and integrator of STREAMS, Transmax is in the unique position of being able to offer customers a range of services throughout the entire ITS lifecycle and provide expert consultancy that ensures everything we develop and deliver works optimally with STREAMS. The breadth of expertise and experience of Transmax’s Commercial Engineering Services team helps customers realise their ITS goals using the integrated STREAMS ITS platform alongside our many complementary services.

The services we offer enable customers to optimise their use of STREAMS and realise the full benefits of our unique integrated ITS platform. We work collaboratively with our customers to transform strategic ITS initiatives into innovative, purpose-fit solutions that meet their business requirements – on time and within budget.

Transmax has developed an ITS project lifecycle methodology that enables ITS solutions to be planned and mapped out to align with customers’ business needs. This is achieved through a team of engineers able to perform the planning, design, installation, configuration and commissioning of an integrated ITS solution. Transmax is also heavily involved in ITS research and development and ITS optimisation and tuning to ensure STREAMS deployments meet our customers’ ITS objectives.

ITS Consulting Services

The professional capabilities of the Transmax team enable us to offer customers a wide range of consulting services including:.

Project management and quality assurance System and sub-system development and testing
ITS lifecycle and project management Business continuity planning and design
ITS policy advice, strategy and standards development Business process review and re-engineering
Systems engineering outsourcing and consultancy Deployment and integration
Independent advice and peer review Datacentre computing platform design and implementation
Planning and specification Data communications network design, review, monitoring and security audit
ITS research, whitepapers, case studies and workshop facilitation Deployment planning, solution deployment and configuration
Concept of operations and business requirements development Systems and operations change management
Legacy system discovery, documentation and requirement reverse-engineering Legacy system migration and data translation
Solution architecture, system specification and reference design Geographical map data, drawing and schematic creation
ITS algorithm analysis and specification Traffic signal controller personality development
Traffic network emulation and micro-simulation Site acceptance, solution integration and independent verification
Tender preparation, technical review and evaluation Field site test appliance and mobile FP device test kit
Solution development Solution commissioning and handover
Solution planning and detailed system/sub-system design Operations and maintenance
Platform specification, development and testing Data entry, configuration validation and system audit
Traffic operations outsourcing, consultancy and competency development Traffic network, motorway and signalised arterial performance optimisation
Engineering, operations and technical training Regular and ad-hoc data extraction and provision
Business integration Systems Integration
Traffic Signal Design  

Technical Support Services

Transmax provides customers with an experienced technical support team to provide efficient and economic support for all STREAMS installations under service-level agreements. We pride ourselves on our flexibility in establishing support arrangements to suit our customers’ in-house capabilities. Services include:

  • Systems and network infrastructure support services
  • Preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs
  • Frontline technical support and help desk

Training Services

Available to STREAMS users only, Transmax offers a range of training services designed to help customers optimise their use of STREAMS to manage their transport networks effectively. For more information on training services, or to book training, please login to the customer section on this site. If you have any general queries about training services, please contact Transmax on 07 3355 8700.


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