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An integrated platform Meeting all ITS needs in a single system

STREAMS has been designed to evolve continuously to meet our customers current and emerging needs. The unique software architecture provides a complete, integrated ITS platform supporting a comprehensive range of services and infrastructure, making it possible to run traffic signalling, incident response, motorway management and other traffic services from a single system.

Integrated incident and traffic management results in greater efficiency of the transport network as a whole. STREAMS enables a road network to be managed holistically rather than as a collection of separate components, and it is this unique capability that sets STREAMS apart from other ITS.

Delivering value To road agencies, motorists and the broader community
Road agencies, motorists and the broader community benefit significantly from STREAMS. The ITS platfrom enables customers and the communities they serve to benefit from reduced travel time, improved safety, reduced operational costs, greater economic flow, reduced emissions, and the ability to optimise the road network.

Lower fuel consumption

Cost effective




Customer centric

Community Benefits

How we do it Our team is committed to the highest standards of quality
Successful deployment of a modern ITS platform requires diverse expertise to turn ITS needs into a working system. We have an Australian-based workforce of around 100 people. Our team is committed to the highest standards of quality and work collaboratively with customers to transform ITS strategic initiatives into innovative, purpose-fit solutions that meet our customers’ current and future needs. We also offer consultancy services to our customers throughout the entire ITS lifecycle.
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