STREAMS Device IO is a ladder logic IO Gateway that provides an interface between most field sensors and control devices to the STREAMS Application Service using a PLC running the Modbus protocol.

STREAMS Device IO is suitable for a wide range of inputs and outputs and can therefore be use in a significant number of scenarios for monitoring and control of simple devices.

Control devices could include:

  • Wig-wags
  • Changeable message signs (CMS)
  • Traffic signals via STREAMS or external inputs
  • Variable message signs (VMS) via STREAMS response plans
  • Tunnel plant management devices.



  • Reduced operational costs by removing the need for costly custom software development for new drivers
  • Enhanced safety on roads
  • Ability to leverage existing features of STREAMS
  • Trend and reporting information useful for planning and maintenance.
  • Reduced load on the Wide Area Network (WAN)


Read more about STREAMS Device IO in the product brochure.



Get in touch with Transmax to find out more about STREAMS Device IO or to place an order. Call your Account Manager or contact Transmax by calling +61 7 3355 8700, email [email protected] or complete an online enquiry form.


Technical Specifications
STREAMS Device IO uses the Micro820 that supports the following off the shelf:
• 24VDC Power Supply input
• 4 x 0-10v Analogue inputs
• 7 x 24VDC Source driven digital inputs
• 12 x 24VDC source driven digital outputs
• Supports Modbus RTU and TCP Modbus
STREAMS Device IO has been developed with this controller but is not limited to using it.
Other manufacturers will be offered.
• Field termination screw terminals
• Surge protection
• Radio gateway between sites
• Field device current sensing
Ethernet for communications and Modbus protocol
Serial for Modbus RTU
Digital IO
Analogue IO
Micro SD Card for firmware and logic updates or backups
Power supply Requirements
240v Mains or 24VDC
Management and communications
Private Radio
Operational specifications
Operating temperature range -20 to 65C
Physical specifications
Dimensions 400W x 250D x 150H
DIN Rail mounted equipment;
Available pre-assembled ready to install in Field Cabinet, Pole cabinet or using Transmax supplied enclosure;
Weight approx. 2.0kg depending on configuration
Specifications will vary based on customer requirements.
Supported by all current versions of STREAMS (13.3 onwards).
1 year from the date of purchase



These specifications on this page are for an overheight vehicle detection system. STREAMS Device IO supports a range of installations and features based on customer requirements. We recommend you contact Transmax for more information prior to ordering.

STREAMS Device IO does not have a SIL rating and is not to be used in safety critical applications other than for monitoring and limited control.