Ramp Signal


GEN-2 Ramp Signal Controller

The STREAMS® Ramp Signal Controller (RSC) manages the most demanding ramp metering sites by providing an advanced and coordinated ramp metering capability through the centralised STREAMS® platform.

The RSC is used in conjunction with a STREAMS® Field Processor (FP) to provide lamp signal switching with inbuilt AC lamp current monitoring and remote reporting functionality. Sites requiring ramp metering signs can be accommodated using the FP’s RS232/422 serial ports with the option of vehicle detectors to meet the needs of ramp metering site configurations. Support is provided for Extra Low Voltage (ELV) LED lanterns which provide greater safety for both maintenance personnel and motorists.

The RSC is a durable controller that is designed to operate reliably 24/7 with IP55 dust and water ingress protection and can operate in a variety of modes including metered, unmetered, “Freeway Ramp Closed” and (optionally) in pre-designated cycles of six and nine seconds.

STREAMS® support

Supported in STREAMS® versions

  • v2008.1 – partial functionality supported
  • v2009.1 and onwards – fully supported

Technical specifications

Signal outputs
  • 1 signal group
  • Advance amber warning signals – non-flashing (for flashing warning signals connect an external flasher unit)
  • Programmable start-up and shutdown sequences for lamp displays
Signal output relay contact ratings2.5A continuous @ AC voltages
Sign controlControl of CMS and VMS ramp metering signs (consult with Transmax for compatible signs)
Max total lamp power current20A continuous @ AC voltages
Controller power supply voltage240VAC (-15%, +10%), 50Hz
Controller inrush current40A for 4 ms (240VAC)
Controller power consumption60VA (not including lamp power)
Lamp types supported
  • LED
  • Quartz Halogen
  • Incandescent
  • ELV LED (contact Transmax for specific details)
  • RS-232 DB9-MF Serial to a STREAMS® FP (3m cable included)
  • RJ45 network interface/LAN port for local access to PLC
Lamp monitoringThe STREAMS® RSC provides lamp fault and last red reporting to STREAMS®
  • -20°C to +65°C (operation)
  • -40°C to +85°C (storage
Ingress Protection RatingIP55
Lamp relearn switchYes
Mounting options
  • 19" rack mount
  • Direct mount
  • Shelf mount
Facility switch
  • Three or five position security-keyed control switch.
  • 3 way position – off, auto, flash
  • 5 way position – off, auto, flash, 6 second, 9 second

Physical specifications

Dimensions380mm x 270mm x 170mm (W x H x D)
Mounting options19" rack mount
Direct mount
Shelf mount
Warranty1 year (return to base)
Ordering information

When placing your order please specify part number:

  • TM10110 - Ramp Signal Controller, Unit, Gen-2
  • C-1048 - facility switch, 3 position
  • C-1049 - facility switch, 5 position
  • Both kits include power cable and 3m serial cable.
Facility switch

Three or five position security-keyed control switch.

  • 3 way position – off, auto, flash
  • 5 way position – off, auto, flash, 6 second, 9 second

Further information

The information contained on this page is subject to change. Transmax recommends you contact us and discuss your specific requirements prior to placing your order.