Supported Interfaces

Summary of supported interfaces list

Traffic Management Systems

RMSSCATS ITS Port (version 6.4.1)Operational information (intersection status, level of congestion on intersection approach) control (Action List requests)

Video Management Systems

GenetecSecurity Center 5.8Integration through the Security Center SDK supporting multi-window viewing (bandwidth, fps, resolution), pan, tilt and zoom.
DVTelLatitude through the DVTel/FLIR SDK supporting multi-window viewing, pan, tilt, zoom, 8 Presets, Local & Archiver Recording & Playback of all codecs and IP video cameras supported by DVTel/FLIR.

Customised Interfaces

Tunnel Control System Interfaces

Transdyn DYNAC ESNTCIPPublish FMS data and control requests (DMS, LUMS, Ramp, TEM, and Weather Station data; DMS, LUMS, and Ramp control) between STREAMS and DYNAC managed traffic systems
Custom SCADADigital I/OFire, lane, alarm sensors and over-height detector
Custom SCADAMODbus TCPLane use control system, public address system, alarm system, tunnel lighting and ventilation