Our Leadership Team

Our management team is made up of highly experienced professionals fully committed to building and investing in our people to help us exceed customer expectations and make transport networks safer and more efficient.


Lynette Sperling

CEO (Acting)

Lynette Sperling was appointed to the role of CEO (Acting) in November 2018. With more than 20 years of experience in the IT sector, including more than a decade in multiple leadership roles at Transmax, Lynette brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the CEO role. Lynette’s previous experience includes senior management and marketing roles in both government and private organisations within the IT, construction and environmental industry sectors. Lynette’s practical and customer-focused approach and her commitment to ensuring Transmax organisational improvement and highest standards of quality, have greatly enhanced both Transmax’s reputation and the partnerships between Transmax and its customers. Lynette has a Bachelor of Business in Management and Public Relations (Dist) and is a Graduate of the Institute of Company Directors.

Peter Sedgley

Group Manager – Business Services and Chief Financial Officer

Peter has more than 30 years of experience in finance and administration including more than a decade in IT-related industries. As Group Manager – Business Services, a role he has held since joining Transmax in 2009, Peter is Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for finance, administration and internal IT systems. Peter has worked across a range of sectors including IT, finance, pharmaceutics, and retail. He has an MBA and a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Domenic Fasone

Chief Revenue Officer

Domenic Fasone was appointed to the position of Chief Revenue Officer in October 2018. Prior to this appointment, Domenic held several senior roles with Transmax including VicRoads Programme and Account Director, Transport and Main Roads Programme and Account Director, and Programme Manager since 2010. Prior to working at Transmax, Domenic's previous roles included Telecommunications Consultant with the Department of Transport and Main Roads and General Manager Service Delivery at IntraPower (now part of TPG). In his role as Chief Revenue Officer, Domenic is responsible for managing the Business Development, Marketing and Consulting Services group to support the future growth of Transmax. Domenic has a Bachelor of Business Management from University of Queensland.

Chris Fullelove

Group Manager - STREAMS Arterials and Device Management and Product Management

Chris Fullelove was appointed to the position of Group Manager, SADM and Products & Services in October 2018. Prior to this appointment, Chris was the Manager of the SADM team and held various key positions at Transmax over the past six years. In the GM role, Chris will lead the product management team responsible for applying Transmax’s product strategy to identify new products, expand existing products and retire appropriate products through a managed lifecycle. In addition, Chris manages the strategic, operational and day-to-day activities of the SADM team who are responsible for the development to market and business success of products and services in arterial road management and device integration. Chris is a passionate, competent ITS professional with a focus on providing quality solutions and delivering exceptional customer service to the company’s road agency customers across Australia. Chris holds a Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical Engineering – Digital Systems from University of Queensland (UQ).

David Apelt

Chief Technology Officer

David Apelt was appointed to the position of Chief Technology Officer in February 2017. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in the IT field. He started his career in ITS as a Junior Software Engineer at Transmax where he worked on an early version of STREAMS®. He was subsequently involved with two Brisbane-based start-ups that have now matured into successful, multinational companies. In both of these businesses he held roles that included Chief Technical Officer, Software Architect, and Lead Software Engineer. As Chief Technology Officer at Transmax, David is responsible for developing and implementing the company’s business model, which is are critical to ensuring Transmax’s continuing growth and commercial viability. David has a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering and Information Technology from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Dean McMurtrie

Group Manager – Delivery and Support

When Dean joined Transmax in October 2013 he brought with him more than 24 years of experience in IT service delivery relating to information security, networks, infrastructure, and software development. As Group Manager – Delivery and Support, Dean has overall responsibility for the management of all aspects of Transmax’s service and project delivery and support. In addition, he is responsible for continually reviewing, identifying and implementing improvements to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery, and increase commercial viability. Prior to joining Transmax, Dean worked with CITEC for 22 years. He has extensive experience in providing high-level customer support and managing software production, IT operations and IT technical support teams as well as in business process re-engineering, change management and transitioning organisations to new strategic directions. Dean has a Bachelor of Business with majors in Information Technology and Electronic Engineering.