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Transmax is the solutions provider of the international award-winning ITS platform STREAMS.
We exist to improve people's lives by providing industry-leading transport solutions and help move millions of commuters around Australian road networks every day.
With 50 years of ITS experience, we help our customers realise the community benefits of optimising transport networks by providing smarter, more sustainable ITS solutions.


STREAMS® is a world-class, international-award winning, integrated Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solution designed to optimise the performance of an entire road network.


We provide a broad range of: consulting; assistance; change management; training; and operations support services to enhance the sustainability and performance of our customers’ transport networks.


Transmax customers are realising significant benefits from utilising the STREAMS ITS platform.


Transmax's STREAMS Smart Motorways solution is a sophisticated suite of motorway management tools that is enabling road operators to tackle congestion and make people's road journeys safer and more reliable. Transport departments have seen outstanding results using STREAMS Smart Motorways.

February 13, 2020

What’s what in 2020 with AV

Last year I posted a series of articles about road authorities and their responsibilities in supporting autonomous vehicles followed by a breakdown of the SAE’s Levels of Autonomy and why we should just stop thinking like that. It is so 201x-ish.
January 27, 2020

The 14 things wrong with SAE Levels of Autonomy [Part #5]

The SAE Levels of Automation are arguably no longer fit-for-purpose. Following is a summary of why I believe SAE Levels of Automation need to be discarded and replaced.
January 25, 2020

The levels of automation / Level 3 to 4 and the USS Enterprise [Part #4]

The Levels of Autonomy from the SAE are the yardstick that is impacting the automotive industry and societal thinking largely driven by the popular media.